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Global Rally Organisation

Organisers of long-distance Classic Car Tours

 “Routes that capture the imagination”  summarises the Global Rally Organisation’s objectives.

The “Friendship Rallies” have been conceived to achieve certain goals. Firstly, they aim to visit areas of outstanding historic and topographical interest. Secondly as their name suggests, every effort is made to assemble a compatible travelling party who will leave a legacy of friendship along the route. There are never more than 25 cars to ensure a harmonious atmosphere and on average, over 70% of the participants will have been on our previous rally. Finally, we travel at a sustainable pace to be able to fully appreciate the highlights and atmosphere of the countries and cultures along our route. The Global Rally Organisation is not about speed, time-sheets, marshals or competition.

The Global Rally Organisation’s long distance rallies are necessarily occasional events as they are big adventures that are 2 – 3 years in the research and planning.

Our next event is to S. E. Asia for the Vietnam to Myanmar ( and back........ ) Friendship Rally 2018.
This event is conceived, planned and marketed by Global Rally Organisation. We have contracted  ‘Destination Rally’  to execute it on our behalf. Their knowledge and experience in the region is unparalleled. 

See the world from an unusual angle. Fulfill your dreams, see the granduer, smell the aromas, taste the food, meet the peoples of the world.

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